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Nutritional Testing

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Cavallo Chiropractic offers computerized biocommunication scans that provide in-depth feedback about the state of your body. We utilize Zyto machines to run a scan of your body and get a diagnosis and blueprint of the internal state of your body. Using the Zyto machine, we can test for and gather information on:


We pride ourselves on providing quality, accurate nutritional testing in Lancaster, and it is our goal to provide the recommendations and steps for you to get your body operating optimally. Once we run the nutritional testing scan, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of your report, and design a plan with the recommended supplements needed to get your body in sync.

Here at Cavallo Chiropractic, we carry and recommend products from:

Medi Herb SP SP

Standard Process, Medi Herb, and Thursday Plantation supplements are only available through healthcare professionals, and are designed to improve and optimize your health and wellness.

After your initial health evaluation scan, and nutrition recommendation plan based on the results of the nutritional testing, we will schedule a follow-up 4 weeks from the initial scan. You will receieve a 2nd health and wellness scan, which we will use to compare the the original to view the progress of the nutritional plan we implemented.

If you need nutritional testing in Lancaster, PA, look no further, here at Cavallo we specialize in more than just Chiropractic work, but pride ourselves on providing a wide spectrum health and wellness services to all of Lancaster County.

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Dr. Cavallo comes from a large family of Chiropractors, including his father who established Cavallo Chiropractic in 1949. You could say Chiropractic work is in Dr. Cavallo's blood, which is why he continues to uphold Cavallo Chiropractic's long standing reputation of being one of the best chiropractic offices in Lancaster.

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