Customized, comprehensive treatments.

To get you better as quickly as possible, your care plan will likely include active rehabilitation designed to strengthen specific muscle groups and align your body so it moves the way it’s meant to. That can include:

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  • STRETCHING to increase flexibility, blood flow, and range of motion

  • In-office STRENGTHENING EXERCISES to aid your adjustments

  • Customized HOME STRETCHES & EXERCISES to support your progress

  • ELECTRIC STIMULATION to reduce swelling, speed the healing of damaged tissue, and alleviate chronic pain

  • TRACTION to alleviate pain from joints, sprains, spasms, and pinched nerves

  • ULTRASOUND to warm and stimulate tissue healing

  • ICE/HEAT to relieve inflammation and relax your muscles

  • KNESIO TAPING to keep your body stable and supported

  • TOPICAL TREATMENTS to alleviate pain


Most knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist, and ankle injuries respond quickly to our therapy and chiropractic care. We have many treatment options that are painless and cost effective when compared to standard medical care.

Get in touch now and start feeling relief.