Computer Assisted Adjustments

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Digital X-Ray On Site


High quality diagnostic images upon request or diagnosis by a doctor. Digital X-Ray Imaging On Site allows staff to capture an high quality digital image in as little as six seconds per picture. X-Rays are displayed instantly on a computer screen, eliminating the wait time for traditional development of x-Ray films. It is our pleasure to offer New Holland and surrounding residents with superior services and minimal wait time.

2013 Ultralign G2

Doctor John Cavallo uses cutting edge technology that few chiropractors in Lancaster County offer. Ultralign G2The 2013 Ultralign G2 system by SIGMA Instruments is quick and efficient, determining joint fluidity, rigidity, and motion in the spine in no time at all. Computer assisted adjustments work well for the elderly, young children, or people who have just had surgery and cannot lay on their side to be manually adjusted. The Ultralign G2 technology provides Doctor Cavallo with a specialized wand that sends palpations to the spine with precise oscillating force; the wand increases the mobility of the spinal segments by tapping gently on the spine and relieving pressure on the joints. The patient only feels gentle, little pulses that pinpoint the problem areas and sends the information to the computer.

In short, the 2013 Ultralign G2 system enables a wand to touch each vertebra in the spine and relays the information back to the computer, indicating whether there is fluidity or rigidity. This invaluable information allows Dr. Cavallo to determine a patience's necessary treatment for optimal pain relief. It is one of the most important tools used at Cavallo Chiropractic Clinic to help treat all types of pain.

Sigma Instruments
3D Foot Scanner

Foot Levelers - 3D Body View

3D BodyView is a true color 3-dimensional imaging device used for patient assessment. It enables Dr. Cavallo to see how a patient's feet can affect their entire body. The results provide insight into areas of deformity, levels of asymmetry, areas of pressure, and abnormalities between the right and left foot. 3D BodyView scans are used to make custom molded foot orthotics. These personally designed orthotics can aid in long-term pain relief for many different ailments.
Foot Levelers