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Ultralign Adjustments

ultralign adjustment

One of the most important tools we utilize here at Cavallo Chiropractic is the Ultralign G2 Pro Adjuster from Sigma Instruments. This machine allows Dr. Cavallo to get a quick and easy look at determining the joint fluidity, rigidity, and motion in the spine. This technology assisted treatment is perfect for the elderly, children, or someone who cannot lay on their side to be manually adjusted due to coming off of a surgery.

The Ultralign G2 Pro Adjuster makes the instrument-based Chiropractic work we practice here at Cavallo Chiropractic unlike any other in the chiropractic field. Normally chiropractice instruments are limited to a single, porrly controlled vibration or pulse that provides the chiropractor with results that are difficult to interpret. The Sigma Instruments Ultralign G2 is a game changer that gives Dr. Cavallo total control over the therapeutic setting that will benefit you best.

What sets the Pro Adjuster apart from the rest is its ability to match the exact sub-harmonic resonant percussion force to the natural frequency of the tissue level it's being used to treat. No other chiropractic instrument on the market can come close to that!


An Ultralign adjustment is also a great option for childrens chiropractic treatment!

Overall, the Ultralign G2 Pro Adjuster system provides Dr. Cavallo with invaluable information that allows him to determine the optimal treatment for a patients pain relief. It is considered to be one of the most important tools we utilize here, and helps us to maintain the reputation of being one of the best chiropractic clinics in Lancaster PA.

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